Wine boxes

  • Cover types

    • Hinged lid
    • Sliding lid
  • Corner joints

    • jointed
    • nailed
  • Types of wood

    • Birch plywood
    • Poplar plywood
    • Solid spruce with knots
    • Solid spruce without knots
    • Beech plywood
    • Solid beech
  • Types of locks

    • 2836
    • 2896
    • 2927
    • 2985
    • 3001
    • 3051
    • 3085
    • 2927 bronzed
    • Flat cover lock -small
    • Flat cover lock -large
    • Rustic leather lock
    • Screwed lock, type LE
    • Screwed lock, type SH
  • Handles

    • Cord handle
    • Metal handle
    • Plastic handle
    • Wooden handle
  • Surface Treatment

    • stained
    • varnished
    • stained and varnished
    • flame-finished
  • Possible printings

    • Screen printing
    • Branding
    • Blind blocking
    • Digital printing
  • Wood-Product-Manufacturer: Scheffauer Holzwaren, Scheffau, Österreich

Do you sell exquisite wines, precious brandies, fine sparkling wines or other noble beverages in bottles? Would you like to present a special gift to your business partners or to your regular customers? The individually manufactured wine boxes and wine packaging from Scheffau will be your solution! These personally created packaging items made of finest birch, spruce, pine or poplar wood, in solid wood or plywood, with jointed or nailed corners, will represent an appropriate and worthy framework for your noble fluids. No matter whether you need wine boxes, wine packaging, wine racks or wine cassettes for two, three or six bottles, you will be delighted by the variety of creative options, such as type of wood, grain of wood, and the numerous types of printing.

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Wine boxes
Wine boxes Wine box raster of 2 spruce nailed lid sh|w 01 Wine box with sliding lid, raster of 2 birch plywood, nailed, iron branding, separating strip sh|w 02 Wine box, raster of 2, birch plywood, iron branding, separating strip sh|w 03 Magnum box, spruce, jointed, iron branding sh|w 04 Magnum box, Guillotine inlay sh|w 05 Gift box, birch plywood, 2 decorative strips, decorative grooves, bronzed lock sh|w 06 Gift box with sliding lid, birch plywood, decorative strips and grooves, brown stained sh|w 07 Wine box, raster of 3 sh|w 08 Wine box raster of 6, spruce, inlay for bottle neck and bottom, nailed lid, sh|w 09 Wine box with sliding lid spruce, birch plywood, jointed corner, iron branding, cord handle sh|w 10 Magnum box with sliding lid, birch plywood, nailed, iron branding, cord handle sh|w 11 Gift box, sliding lid, birch plywood, jointed corner, 4-colours printing sh|w 12 Box for hard liquors, birch plywood, nailed, black stained, window sh| 13 Boxes for hard liquors, spruce, birch plywood, inlay, iron branding sh|w 14 Magnum box Plan_sliding lid, birch plywood, black varnished, blind blocking silver sh|w 15 Wine box Plan_sliding lid, birch plywood sh|w 16 Magnum box pine, birch plywood, screen printing sh|w 17 Wine box for 2 bottles, birch plywood, cord handle sh|w 18 Present box, birch plywood, inlay for beer bottle & glass sh|w 19 Box for hard liquors, loose lid, spruce, raw side outside, flame-finished, iron branding sh|w 20 Wine box, sliding lid spruce, screen printing, cord handle sh|w 27 Present Box acrylic glass-sliding lid, spruce, brown stained, inlay sh|w 21 Box for hard liquors, raster of 6, sliding lid, jointed corner, 5 separating strips, screen printing sh|w 22 Gift box, birch plywood, inlay for carafe and 2 oil bottles sh|w 23 Wine box raster of 6, birch plywood, separating strips, intermediate plate sh|w 24 Box for hard liquors, birch plywood, with inlay sh|w 25 Wine box spruce, flame-finished sh|w 26 Box for hard liquors, spruce, screen printing sh|w 28 Bottle porter for 2 & 3 bottles birch plywood sh|w 29 Wine box pine, iron branding sh|w 30 Gift box birch plywood, cord handle, sliding lid of acrylic glass sh|w 31 Wine box pine, jointed corner, screen printing sh|w 32 Wine box hinged lid, OSB_board, varnished, iron branding sh|w 33 Box for hard liquors, birch plywood, iron branding sh|w 34 Box for hard liquors, birch plywood, raster of 9, sh|w 35