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Scheffauer toolboxes

Wooden cases are the ideal packaging for tools of all kinds. In addition to safe transport, a wooden case with matching foam or cork inlay ensures an attractive presentation in the perfect packaging or simply serves as a practical tool storage. Especially with wooden cases for sensitive equipment and instruments, it is particularly important that they fit perfectly so that the tool cannot slip or be damaged.

Customized wooden boxes from 100 pieces

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Individual Wooden Products

Depending on requirements and preferred design, Scheffauer wooden boxes are made of solid beech or birch plywood in the appropriate wood thickness. We recommend the galvanized version as corner connection, which gives the tool box the necessary stability. The surface of the toolboxes and presentation cases can be painted colorless or colored or of course remain untreated. Fittings, hinges, fasteners and handles can also be selected from our extensive range.

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From a minimum order of 100 pieces, we will produce the wooden packaging you have put together, which we will also be happy to engrave with an attractive fire or screen print. Of course, we are happy to advise you on individual solutions so that your products can be positioned in the storage box according to your wishes.


Wooden case

Tool boxes and wooden cases are the ideal packaging for sensitive measuring instruments, technical precision tools and high-quality equipment. In addition to an attractive presentation, the wooden case ensures comprehensive protection. Especially sensitive technical measuring instruments can be stored safely and securely. Starting at 100 pieces, we offer you a maximum of flexibility and individuality. Adapted to the respective use, the wooden cases are made of solid beech or birch plywood in the corresponding wood thickness. As a corner connection we recommend the dovetailed Variant which gives the necessary stability. The surface of the toolboxes and presentation cases can be varnished according to the stress or, if sufficient, left untreated. The fittings are mostly pressed in, for higher loads screwed hinges, latches and handles are used. The inserts and inserts made of foam, cork or wood adapted to the tool packaging ensure the necessary protection and at the same time raise the value of the product to be packaged. They protect your precious tools from the signs of time in a safe wooden packaging. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us - our team will be happy to help you!