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Our Wood Manufacture

Carved from the right cloth

When our family company was founded in 1971, wood was the material from which our ideas grew. From day one we used the creative and technical possibilities of this living material.

Lebrecht Angerer | Scheffauer Holzwaren

Lebrecht Angerer

Behind every machine
stands a person

His know-how, his experience and his ideas create wood products that carry our corporate values ​​in every fiber: quality and perfection. From standard items to custom-made products.

No matter whether packaging, boxes, suitcases, boxes, cassettes, cases, caskets, displays and everything else you can imagine made of wood: Our highly specialized employees turn your vision into a product of international format.

The maxim of our company is customer-oriented work with the best quality possible .

Lebrecht Angerer - CEO

Scheffauer Holzwaren

challenge us


When it comes to a fraction of a millimeter. CNC machining center, automatic hinge setting, paint shop and screen printing system as well as warehousing are state-of-the-art. It's nice that an old craft can be so innovative.

In addition, we develop special machines and tools for individual tasks. Challenge us! We accompany you from the first sketch to the last screw.

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