Light, practical and in all its forms:

Scheffauer Chipwood Boxes

It is not for nothing that chip boxes are among the most popular wooden packaging: the lightweight boxes are ideal for packaging and transporting small treasures such as cheese and chocolate, but also for non-food items such as handicraft materials or natural cosmetics. Thanks to the smooth surface, shavings boxes in oval, round or heart-shaped shapes are also well suited as basic material for creative handicraft work

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Our Chipwood-Boxes

Of course, we pay attention to the highest quality standards for all our products, which for us begins with the selection of raw materials. Since a sustainable and resource-conserving handling of one of the most valuable materials on our planet is very important to us, we obtain our wood exclusively from PEFC-certified forests.

Handwerk trifft Begeisterung

Holzkisten für jeden Anlass

Kaum ein anderes Material ist so zeitlos, schön und vielseitig einsetzbar wie das Holz aus unseren Wäldern. Mit handwerklicher Präzision, jahrelanger Erfahrung und viel Leidenschaft verarbeitet die Scheffauer Holzwaren GmbH dieses Naturprodukt seit 1971 zu einzigartigen Holzwaren für den Großhandel.


Our wine boxes

Individual wine boxes and original wooden gift boxes for wine, champagne and other bottles.

Torten- und Pralinenkisten

Our cake and chocolate boxes

Our precisely fitting and stable packaging preserves the aroma and puts your small works of art in the best possible light.

Edle Holzkisten mit Trennstegen von Scheffauer Holzwaren



Our wooden displays

Since each of your products also contains a piece of your company, they deserve an adequate and high-quality presentation area. Our wooden sales displays put your goods in the foreground.


Our plywood boxes

To tinker, give away and pack. Plywood Boxes are not for nothing one of the most popular wooden packaging.


Our toolboxes

The ideal packaging for tools of all kinds.