Standard Weinkisten mit Schiebedeckel und Einsatz

Standard cassette

Wine box "Standard" with sliding lid

Standard wine boxes with sliding lids and inserts made of birch, pine or spruce wood.

Not every packaging must always be an eye-catcher. For simple transport or storage boxes, we naturally also offer simple wine boxes in our standard sizes. These high-quality, but simple wooden wine boxes are available with sliding or hinged lids for 1, 2, 3 or 6 bottles immediately from stock.


Wood & Sizes:

  • 1pc, 360x85x85
  • 2pc, 360x164x85
  • 3pc, 360x245x85
  • 6pc, 520x360x85

  • 1pc, 360x96x96
  • 2pc, 360x191x96
  • 3pc, 360x287x96
  • (also available with seperator)