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Wooden box "Standard" with hinged lid

Standard boxes

Wooden box "Standard" with hinged lid

Not every packaging must always be an eye-catcher. For simple transport or storage boxes, we naturally also offer simple wooden boxes in our standard sizes. These high-quality but simple wooden transport boxes with sliding or hinged lids are immediately available from stock.

Wood and Sizes (inside dimensions in mm)

Standardkassette Pappel

  • Größe 1: 95 x 65 x 40
  • Größe 2:110 x 80 x 45
  • Größe 3:135 x 95 x 50
  • Größe 4:155 x 110 x 55
  • Größe 5:170 x 130 x 60
  • Größe 6:190 x 160 x 75

Alle Angaben verstehen sich in mm und als Außenabmessung.

Torten- & Pralinenkisten

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