These gift boxes and wooden boxes have a lot to say ...


Who gives a gift wants to express something. Attachment, affection or respect. in any case, it is about giving pleasure and, if possible, to be remembered well yourself. What is it with you? Let your gift speak for itself and be sure: it says more than a thousand words. With the personalized gift boxes and wooden boxes from Scheffauer you deliver your message in a stylish, original, creative or simple way, just as you like it. The special feature of these wooden boxes in all sizes: they display your logo, a short message or other graphic elements and motifs of your choice - on the lid, the side panels or even inside the wooden chest . There are no limits to your creativity: you have the idea, we implement it.

Wooden box with imprint - what would you like?

Whatever you want to see depicted on your gift box - Scheffauer makes it possible. Whether with professional branding or silk-screen printing or even individual digital printing in special production, we have experienced professionals at work, under whose hands high-quality products are always created. How about, for example, a rustic wooden chest in an original "freight crate" look with a branded print motif? Or a flamed wooden box with a printed or engraved brand logo in vintage style? Precious small items such as chocolates, on the other hand, look perfect in an elegantly printed wooden case - preferably also with a CNC-milled insert for optimal presentation. Everything is possible. Would you like to learn more about the almost limitless possibilities of a personalized gift box, a printed wooden chest or a creatively designed wooden case or wooden box? Gladly. Give us a call or send an email - and you've already taken the first step towards gift success!