Boxes for chocolates

  • Possible printings

    • Screen printing
    • Branding
    • Blind blocking
    • Digital printing
  • List of the standard sizes

    • Chocolate boxes spruce

  • Wood-Product-Manufacturer: Scheffauer Holzwaren, Scheffau, Österreich

These boxes for chocolates, gingerbread or Christmas Cakes are produced with love, according to the old handicraft tradition, and with fantasy, they are made of natural wood and thanks to their design and quality, they emphasize also the top quality of their respective contents. These natural packaging are made of solid beech or spruce, or of birch or poplar plywood. The pleasant handle, the charming design and the longevity of the chocolate boxes are also a reason, why people who had received such a box, often keep them in their houses to store their favourite items or souvenirs inside. The chocolate boxes can be individually decorated in different styles, by screen printing or branding. Logos, graphics and characters contribute to the individual look of the gift boxes and display the promotional message in a particularly elegant way.

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CHOCOLATE BOXES, side parts 8mm solid spruce without knots, bottom and lid 3mm poplar plywood, with jointed corner, sanded, with two hinges and a small hinged breech block, edges of bottom and lid chamfered, with loose paper pad inlays