Schokobox in dreieckiger Form mit Klappdeckel

triangle box

Chocolate box "Triple"

Triangular shaped poplar plywood box with hinged lid. The corner joints are butt nailed, lid including a fire print.

Finest confectionery goods are best presented in a high-quality, durable wooden packaging. The praline boxes of Scheffauer Holzwaren GmbH are available in our standard sizes for four to 36 pralines, but also for individual sizes from 100 pieces upwards. Each box of chocolates is available with a hinged lid, sliding lid or flat lid and can be made of any available wood, stained or lacquered as desired. To ensure that each chocolate keeps its place in the box during transport, the perfect inlays are included.

Lid: Hinged Lid Corner Joint: Nailed Wood: Poplar Plywood Print: Fire Print