Wooden caskets that bring color to gift giving

Sometimes it can be colorful! Especially when giving gifts, because color provides the wow effect. All Scheffauer wooden boxes and gift boxes are available lacquered or stained on request - with an edition of 100 pieces you have every wish! Whether wine box, tea bag box, spice box or smoked goods case: Play with color and achieve unexpected effects. From bright green to hip pink to matte black or gray - you choose. You also determine the intensity of the color. A fully varnished wooden box has a different effect than one treated with color stain, where the structure of the wooden box is still clearly visible. Let us advise you - our samples will make your decision easier.

Stained or lacquered spice boxes, wine boxes, tea boxes, Advent calendars or many other gift boxes - the main thing is colorful!

Let your favorite color do the talking - we will lacquer or stain your wooden box in the same shade. Of course, this packaging can be further individualized. We will gladly provide the lacquered or stained wooden box with your logo or other graphic elements in high-quality screen, brand or digital printing. Add the finishing touch to a spice box with gold, silver, or burnished closure, or opt for any other finishing you like for your tea chest or wine box. Which one can it be? Let your imagination run wild on this point as well! Flamed wood looks rustic, decorative trim, decorative slits and leather elements give your wooden casket that trendy vintage look. With twisted carrying cords and dovetailed corner joints, on the other hand, you give your whisky box or tea bag box a noble touch. Bring color to your gift box or wooden crate! As colorful as your ideas may be - we will realize them with varnish and stain! Call or write us and learn more! As unique as our customers are, our wooden boxes are lacquered and stained in different colors and individually printed. Be inspired by the variety of original gift boxes!