Elegant gift boxes for any occasion


Sliding instead of folding. If you opt for a sliding lid for your wooden box, you are opting for that little bit more elegance. Gift boxes with sliding lids are wonderfully suited for precious and spirited items for gourmets, but other contents can also be attractively packaged in them. To ensure that nothing slips or is damaged during transport, custom-made compartments, foam inserts or simply decorative wood wool are provided. Especially small parts can be safely shipped and attractively presented in a sliding lid wooden box. How about an Advent calendar of a very special kind? We make an original Advent calendar out of a gift box with 24 compartments, which provides surprise and is sure to be used even after Christmas. Seasonally independent, the gift box with compartments can also be used, for example, as a tea box or filled with other small items. Very attractive: the wooden box with a sliding lid made of acrylic - especially recommended if you want to let only the contents speak for themselves.

Whether Advent calendar, tea box or gift box for anything and everything: the highlight of this wooden box is the sliding lid.


Scheffauer has been manufacturing high-quality gift boxes since 1971. We only use wood from PEFC-certified forests and attach great importance to sustainability and resource conservation. Our gift boxes with sliding lids are of course no exception. They are mostly made of birch plywood, but we also process spruce or pine on request. You can choose from a wide variety of designs - standard or custom size, wood stained, flamed, varnished or natural, personalized with high-quality printing, various closures and finishing elements, etc.

Scheffauer wooden boxes with sliding lids adapt to your gift, not the other way around! Let us know your wishes - from Advent calendars to gift boxes for spirits, delicacies, smoked products, soaps to original tea boxes with sliding lids. Call us - we have a lot for you!