Passion since 1971

One Family, One Vision, One Passion.

Since the founding of our family company in 1971, wood has always been the material which makes our imagination flow. From the very first day we have used the creative and technical characteristics of this living material.

And we still are using it today. Not one item looks like another, every single product is unique. The grain is like a fingerprint which exists only once in the whole world. Beautiful objects are unique. Unique beauty for more than forty years from our company.

Precision Because of Tradition

Character, Charm and Charisma

As soon as wood is treated in a correct way it creates a matchless charisma. Looking at the final product one can still feel all the love put into every little detail. We always have been driven by precision – and we will always be.

Who could have imagined: even in our modern times, this traditional material has never lost its thousand years old charm. Quite on the contrary: wood has always been trendy and will never be old-fashioned.

Hightech Meets Handcraft

Our machinery cannot accept compromises

Even for only a fraction of a millimetre. Our CNC-working centre, our automatic hinge setter, the paint finishing system and the screen printing machine are state of the art. How gorgeous that a traditional handcraft can be so innovative.

Furthermore we develop special machines and tools for individual challenges. Challenge us!! We will accompany you from the very first draft to the last screw.

Man Meets Machine

Behind Every Machine Stands a Person

The person’s know-how, experiences and ideas give birth to wooden products which represent in every fibre the values of our company: quality and perfection. From the standard product to the custom product.

No matter whether you need packing, boxes, cases, chests, caskets, displays or what ever you can imagine made of wood: our highly specialised staff is able to realize your vision by creating a product of international fame.

Resource Protection and Sustainability

We are PEFC certificated

We, the Scheffauer Holzwaren GmbH Company, we consider ourselves to be bound to the responsibility to produce our goods in a sustainable manner – as sustainability is the basis for every traditional company, such as the Scheffauer Holzwaren GmbH. Therefore we only use wood which has grown exclusively in the PEFC-certified forests – the world’s leading hallmark of forest certification. This guarantees that we foster a sustainable forest management and contribute to the environment protection.

It is the aim to conserve the forests with their numerous vital functions for following generations. The idea of PEFC therefore includes economic and social, as well as, ecological aspects. More information on the PEFC programme can be found under!

Plants need protection!

The International Plant Protection Convention, (IPPC) aims to secure plants and forests and prevent them from all manner of infestation, pests and especially from wood pests - and we, the Scheffauer Holzwaren GmbH Company, support and respect those aims.

As a sustainability-conscious family run company, the Scheffauer Holzwaren GmbH is fully committed to the agreements by the IPPC regarding the protection of the environment, and therefore use only raw materials with a respective resource origin and hallmark. When buying a product made by Scheffauer Holzwaren GmbH, our clients actively share in protecting our forests and our environment.