Questions regarding our products

There are numerous possibilities how to deal with wood, and therefore there is a wide range of creative solutions for working with a living material. However, sometimes there are also some questions arising regarding our products, which we would like to answer here.

Does the wooden packing any harm to groceries?
Of course we deal exclusively with top quality material which, regarding the evaporation of formaldehyde or other substances, is absolutely unproblematic. Our providers guarantee the absolute food tolerance of all varnishes and glues that we use, which is also guaranteed by the material safety data sheet.
What is the difference between varnish and mordant?
Varnish refines and provides dull finisher brilliance and protects the wood against dirt and humidity. Coloured varnishes cover the wood structure with their pigments or, depending on the thickness of the coating, they let the structure lightly shine through. Mordant, however, colours the wood by penetrating into its substance, the wooden structure remains visible.
Is it possible to apply printings on wooden products?
artwork or a printing block, we can apply printings in one or several colours on request. On demand we can as well deliver iron-branding or embossed printing.
Which type of wood connections are used?
The corners of our products are either nailed or jointed.