Produktion Scheffauer Holzwaren


Questions about our Products

The possibilities of wood processing are diverse and offer a wide spectrum of creative possibilities for working with a living material. On the other hand, there are always questions about our products that we would like to answer on this page. If you got any further questions please send us an e-mail

Is our wooden packaging safe for food?

Of course, we only use the best (sheet-) material, which is absolutely harmless in terms of formaldehyde or other vapors. The food compatibility of the paints and glues we use is guaranteed by our suppliers through safety data sheets.

What is the difference between varnish and stain?

Finished lacquer gives mattness or shine and protects the wood from dirt and moisture. Colored varnishes cover the wood structure with their pigments or, depending on the thickness of the application, make them appear faintly visible. Stain colors the wood by being absorbed into the wood and revealing the wood structure.


Can wood products be printed?

Of course, you can also have our products individually printed. If we receive a film or a template from you, we will print in one or more colors, depending on your requirements. Embossing or branding is also possible on request.


Which wood connections are used?

We use the nailed as well as the jointed connection variant for our products.